I’m so over Reality television!

Is there a reality TV show out there where the contestants DO NOT CRY at the drop of a hat? Not that I’m a fan of reality TV but I see enough ads for these trashy shows and inevitably…someone is crying about something.

Are tears a prerequisite? Are contestants chosen on their ability to cry copious tears over nothing at all? What’s with all the crying anyway? Once upon a time when things happened to people they just dealt with it and then they got over it. They only cried if it was something truly catastrophic but then they got over that too.

They also took responsibility for any stupid decisions and/or less than wise lifestyle choices they may have made over the years and then either did something about it or did nothing about it but either way, whatever they decided to do, or not do for that matter, they took it in their stride and got on with it. So where did all that go?

Going by the ads for these banal productions, no one owns up to their own stupidity anymore. It is always the fault of someone or something else and they have to cry about whatever it is over and over again.

Seriously, I am so over it! But has anyone noticed that the content of reality television is seriously deteriorating? Like the one about mothers deciding which girl is going to be the most suitable to marry their sons. Well let me tell you something, if I was involved with a guy that needed his mother’s approval I would be outa there so fast! Actually, I would never have become involved with him in the first place. I mean, really! Then there’s the batch of cooking shows, the lose weight shows, the renovating shows, the makeover shows, the talent shows and the ship the unruly kid off somewhere else shows. Who comes up with this tripe? Even worse though, who are the program managers who are buying it?

Look, I’ll admit that in the beginning there was the novelty value but that wore off really quickly when every man and his dog jumped on the bandwagon and came up with their own reality garbage in the hope of making a heap of money out of it. The tragedy is that many of them did which led to more hoping to cash in on the boom and that means that many of the television stations are now screening a glut of reality shows and the poor viewer is left with not a lot of choice during the prime time slot most evenings now.

This is totally unfair on those of us that have no desire to sit there and watch wannabes cry over…well….nothing! Personally I’d rather read a book but there are those times when I actually don’t have one on hand and so it’s either watch cobwebs form or watch self-centred nobodies blubbering for the cameras. Like I said, I’m over it.

This vitriol also applies to things like the football and the cricket! It does not have to be all over the tele! Every night and all weekend! I mean it okay!

Programmers take note!