Columnist: I’ve been a columnist (humour) for 20 years now and my latest, “Riposte”, appears weekly in The Monaro Post (based in Cooma, NSW, Australia). My columns are popular with readers and usually end up with a respectable following. Columns can be so flexible and humour allows a writer a lot of liberties and I love writing outside the square…

Feature Writer: I have been freelancing for many years (mostly as a columnist) and developed into a feature writer along the way. These are two areas that I’m very comfortable with and I am currently sourcing openings for more regular feature work.

Web Content: Writing for the web has been a natural progression for me and my literary style allows me to write the type of snappy content needed to grab the reader and make even the most basic subject interesting, which is what content writing is all about. My topics are very well researched though, with accuracy being the key word here.

Book Editing (Proof/Edit/Rewrite): Another natural progression, following years of ensuring that everything I submitted for publication was word perfect. Still is! Fortunately I have always been very good with grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence construction which is helpful when you’re a writer. As a result, I have no hesitation is offering my services in proofreading, editing, writing and rewriting.

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