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I think I must have been born with a pen in my mouth!

My first foray into writing for profit though began in 1989 when I created a humorous column titled “Peppercorn Farm” for a small, somewhat contoversial, newspaper based on the Central Tablelands of New South Wales (NSW). When the paper went out of production, I found myself cooling my heels back at square one.

Still keen to write however, I developed a new column titled “Small Talk” which ran very successfully in the Lithgow Mercury during the early nineties and established me as a columnist.

Over the next decade I also wrote monthly articles on Glen Alice Public School for the education section of The Mudgee Guardian, did a feature on rural NSW (Michelago) couple, Crystal and John Mills, for national Australian magazine, The Appaloosa Journal and another on indigenous artist, Jacki Best, for the national American magazine Let’s Paint. At the same time, “Small Talk” appeared in the Western Magazine, then The Canberra City News and finally The Snowy Times, after which I retired it.

Since June of 2007 I have been writing a weekly column titled “Riposte” for The Monaro Post, a savvy independent newspaper owned and published by The Monaro Media Group and based in Cooma NSW. This publication circulates through the Canberra and Snowy Mountains regions and down the NSW south coast as far as Eden. I’ve written some major features for the Post as well as articles on any other newsy events that come my way.

I’m also in the final stages of completing my first book, a novella, which I hope to finish before the end of 2011. I started my second book a few months ago because the ideas were flowing thick and fast and I’ve found I can actually write two totally different books at the same time!

About three years ago I also moved into proofreading, editing, writing and rewriting for others – hence my moonlighting as a book editor.


Postscript:? Holy moley! I’ve completed my novella! Just putting the other bits together now that have to accompany it to the literary agent who has expressed an interest in reading it!

Postscript 2: I need to increase the word count but that’s okay, I can do that!

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