Best things to do on Facebook

If you think about it there are definitely some things that work better online. Like presenting yourself as a total spunk and flirting with everything you can. You can do this because you may, in fact, be as plain and/or as frumpy as anything but your photo can show you as one very attractive human being, depending on whose photo you have uploaded as you. You can write all manner of saucy comments and generally come across as the life of the party while the dishes build up in the sink, the kids run amok or while you’re waiting for the late night movie to start that you will actually be watching by yourself.

Because who’s going to know? No one! As far as your hundreds of “friends” are concerned you are one hot piece of work with an amazing life! If you like, you can also be super rich along with footloose and fancy free and whatever else you want to say about yourself. Most of this has already been done but with a bit of effort you should be able to come up with something new. Try not being blonde, for instance! I don’t think that’s been done yet.

But anyway, Facebook is also a good place to face-off with anyone who has rattled your cage because when it’s all said and done, it’s just a verbal in a virtual world. As opposed to same in the real world. In the real world those antics can get you thrown out of pubs and clubs, hauled away from parties and things by the local constabulary, literally booted out of the family get-together or just generally stomped on should your adversary switch from verbal to physical and when this happens it never ends well. Online though is a different matter which is why, I suppose, so may people save their meanest stuff for their online community. They can’t exactly chuck you out of your own loungeroom now, can they!

Facebook is also one of the best places to share the latest rumour/gossip/ general half-truth or on some (but rare) occasions, an actual fact because you can tell an amazing number of people all at the same time. It sure beats the phone where you can only pass it on to one person at a time unless you do it over a conference call but on the other hand, you can only fit so many people into a room around a telephone so….

Facebook is going to get it out there to thousands in just a second or two. Ditto your photos and videos and you can feel secure in the knowledge that all your most personal moments will only be seen by your 987 closest friends and no one else. It’s also the best way to share all your most telling secrets because the only ones who will be able to read them are all those friends mentioned above. Strangers just won’t get a look-in.

On the other hand, it’s probably not the best place to mention some things. Like, that you actually bumped off all your siblings so you can be the only one on the receiving end of the diamonds and the silverware when the time comes. Or that you intend to fast track the inheritance thingy because you want it all NOW!? Or change your relationship status to single if you haven’t got around to mentioning it to your other half. And for goodness sake, if you have stashed that huge inheritance in a secret room beneath the floor in the kitchen it would be strongly advisable not to mention that either! Or put up photos of the stash, the secret room and the clever little concealed latch set into the tiles. Common sense should tell you that but in case it hasn’t, I’m telling you, okay!

Anyway, when it’s all said and done, Facebook can be fun! It can put you in touch with long-lost friends and rellies and open up a whole new world which it will deliver faithfully into your home every time you sign in!

Just so long as they get rid of that @%$&#!!! Timeline!