Assignment overseas!

During winter 2011 (mid June until mid July) I was overseas on a research assignment on behalf of a client. I spent two weeks in London and then took the Eurostar to Paris, travelling from there to Lille, where I continued my journey through northern France and into Belgium to complete my assignment. It was an incredible experience and my client was very happy with the work I brought back, considering it money well spent. He reads me regularly which is what resulted in his decision that I was the ideal choice for the job.

For me as a writer, his faith in me was highly complimentary and, as a career highlight, it could be a hard one to beat.


My column, appearing weekly in The Monaro Post. There’s always something going on somewhere that deserves comment and any columnist worth her salt is going to pounce on it.

Snowy-Hydro Electric Scheme 60th Anniversary

The 60th Anniversary of this incredible feat of engineering was held in October 2009 and I did a lot of interviewing and writing for this feature, which appeared in The Monaro Post to coincide with the event. Some fantastic stories came out of those interviews and the humour and the camaraderie among those who worked on the scheme is what brought it all home for me.

The SnowPost

Published by The Monaro Post newspaper, tourist magazine The SnowPost made its debut in the winter of 2010 and went on to win the “Best Commercial Supplement” award in the prestigious NSW Country Press Awards in October of the same year! This magazine profiles all the attractions of the Monaro and Snowy Mountains regions of southern NSW plus lots of useful information for winter visitors.

Cooma Ex-Services Club 60th Anniversary

November 2010 saw the Cooma Ex-Services Club celebrating 60 years of service in the Cooma-Monaro region and I worked on this feature for The Monaro Post who produced it to coincide with the Club’s celebrations. It covers the history of the Club from its earliest days to the present and profiles many of the long serving members who put their time and energy into making the Club the success it is today.

The SunPost

Like the SnowPost, the SunPost is aimed at the tourist market and highlights the attractions of the Monaro and Snowy Mountains regions during the spring and summer months. Also, like its winter sibling, the magazine covers local history, places of interest, contact information, local eateries and accommodation plus an impressive array of fun activities to entice summer visitors to this beautiful alpine region.

Innovation Magazine

The Monaro Post publishes a couple of Innovation magazines per year. These are glossy lifestyle publications that offer the latest updates on popular topics such as building and renovating, interior and exterior design solutions, product information and some great ideas for house and garden makeovers. These magazines have become very popular.

Your Farm

This is another insert that appears at intervals in The Monaro Post and, given free rein in choosing my subjects, I opted for topics that were a little outside of the general farming genre yet still relevant to the farming community. It was a really good decision! The feedback from a number of readers was very positive.

The Piper

Okay, this is my blog.

It’s the place where I chew out all of those things that strike me as deserving of a really good spit fest and there are many spit-worthy topics out there. The genre is humour because that’s my niche but my response to some of the nonsense that abounds in our society today is totally on the level. It’s on this website – Page 3.

I write it because I don’t believe in spitting in private.


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