So what’s with all the lower case “i” words? Yes I know, they have been popping up all over the place for a while now but where did it all start, where’s it all going and…well…why the “i”?

Okay, I’ve seen the little “i” attached to electronic toys, mobile phones, computers, cars and MP3 players and I’m kind of guessing it means “intelligent” or  “innovative” or some other word and I’ve caught the drift that the little “i” is intended to attach instant cool to an otherwise everyday object (except Vegemite. iSnack 2.0 just didn’t do it for me. Or for Vegemite) but hey, I’ve seen it so often now that I just have to know why it’s happening and please, what does it mean!

Questions aside though, there’s something else about the little “i” that’s  starting to concern me. In today’s world of adopting some truly creative spellings for christian names, are we going to start seeing some prefixed with a lower case “i”? Like iTaylor,  iDean or iShaun some time in the near future? So far as I know (rap artists possibly excepted) no one has caught on to this and I sincerely hope to heaven I haven’t started something here but everytime I see another word kicking off with that lower case “i” my mind starts to wander and before I can stop myself I find myself thinking. iWayne, iTrevor…? OMG! iDakota-Jaimilee-Something! No, no, noooooooo!

See what I mean? My mind starts “doing things” and it’s not always good. Must not let mind wander too randomly over lower case “i”! Sure, it could have been the brainchild of someone just out to perplex people (like me) and that little letter doesn’t mean a darned thing but I think it’s more likely that it actually does mean something. Intrepid? Inexplicable? In…in…wait! I’ve got it, I’ve got it! Information! That’s it, isn’t it! (oh please, let that be it). I’ve even seen signs that have a really big little “i” followed by words like “Information Desk” and “Information Bay” etc. Someone decided it was a cute way to say their product was informative. Except that doesn’t cut it with MP3 players unless music can be deemed in some way to be informative. Doesn’t work on cars either.

Okay, so maybe “information” is not it after all and maybe I should just forget about what it all means and just go with the flow. Maybe even get a little “i” something gadget and be done with it. Maybe I should have just Googled it and come to think of it, maybe that’s not a bad idea. Can’t believe I’ve just written a blog post about it!


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