Fighting that winter weight!

This winter I refuse to put on any weight! Not that I tend to gain much weight but come spring I inevitably find the odd kilo or two has snuck on me over the colder months and remained hidden under all the layers of clothing, not revealing itself until I go to step back into my spring/summer gear and uh oh, it fits just a little bit too snugly. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Like I said, I only have a small weight gain but it’s enough to be annoying and then I have to lose it and for some reason that always seems harder than putting it on! I guess it’s the result of all that winter comfort food so this season I am not going to give in to it. On the whole I can pretty much eat whatever and not show any adverse affect but come the cold weather, I find myself craving things that I normally wouldn’t and it’s a real bad idea to give into it.

As a result I am now hitting the recipes for yummy stuff that Will Not ruin my waistline but will still leave my cravings satisfied and to be perfectly honest that’s not as difficult as it sounds. I can also warm myself up and keep my metabolism wide awake with some simple aerobic exercises (in front of the heater) while watching the evening news, which means I’ll be able to put in an hour’s worth of physical stuff every night! This sounds like a plan and I think it will work out fine. Well I hope it will work out fine as I am so over discovering those sneaky kilos as I shed the layers when the weather warms up.

I know I’m not the only one who suffers from winter weight gain but I could be the only one among my friends who actually worries about it. Don’t give it another thought, they say. Just don’t fret about it! But I do because I prefer my slim build to a not-so-slim one because the latter just isn’t me. And beside, I feel no desire to have to go out and do a complete new wardrobe because I’ve gone up a size! It’s just a whole lot easier to not give in to things that I know are going to sit around all season as extra weight that I don’t need to see at the end of it.

This could involve some serious willpower though and I am currently psyching myself up to be Very Strong in the face of delicious temptation. There might even be a delicious alternative out there somewhere and if there is, I’m onto it, but until I find it I’m just going to have to fly past those bakeries and the like that tempt me so mercilessly with one hand over my eyes while holding my breath. I realise I could end up walking into something and knocking myself out or else passing out from lack of oxygen but that’s okay. I can’t succumb to temptation if I’m unconcious on the footpath now can I? It’s a strategy I’m looking at anyway.

What would be really good would be to have a fighting-temptation buddy beside me so we could be strong together! As in “Lisa! Put down that dark chocolate mud cake that’s on special! Over here now and check out these bean sprouts and lettuces!”

Okay, maybe not a buddy that extreme or militant and maybe I don’t need a buddy at all. If I put my mind to it I can bypass those things and even do a deal with myself – stay away from it for a whole month and I can have a treat! That would do it you know and I might even put that one into practice this winter just to see if it does. So that’s it, no comfort stuff until the end of June, then the end of July and if I’ve been really good I can have a double treat at the end of August to celebrate my willpower and the end of winter at the same time.

I’ll let you know how I go!