Out of the Blue

Whatever happened to blue soft drinks?  Buying up some soft drink to have over Christmas and New Year got me thinking about that because blue soft drinks were a thing  for a short while there, with Blue Coke, Blue Pepsi, Blue Sprite and, if I remember correctly, there was even a Blue Fanta, but I could be wrong about that one.

But I would like to say at this point , that wondering what happened to them and wishing they were back has absolutely nothing to do with my obsession for that colour (oh alright, maybe it does.  A little bit), I just really like the look of blue drinks. There’s something really cool and inviting about them.

I bought the blue versions on several occasions when they were available because mainly I was attracted to the colour, but also because they tasted nice, and coming from someone who is not a huge soft drink fan, it says a lot for the marketing; they made a blue version and I made a beeline for the shelves to buy it.

So what happened to it? Why is it so difficult to do blue ones all the time? Soft drinks come in almost every other colour, so why not blue? This was a mystery to me when I was a child; if soft drink companies could do red, green, yellow, brown almost black and clear, why couldn’t they do blue as well? Turns out they could after all, because those major brands turned out a blue version of their product through the mid 2000s and I was thrilled to bits!

And then, after all the fanfare, they were only on the shelves for a short time and then they vanished into the great unknown, never to be seen again. I was devastated.

I mean, if Smarties could introduce a blue Smartie (in the 90s I think it was) and then leave it in there with the other colours, why couldn’t the soft drink brands have done the same with their blue versions? They were very popular, especially with me, and I would have continued to buy them, fan of soft drink or no, because of that colour.  And now I would appreciate it if they brought them back!

Okay sure, I could just buy a bottle of Lemonade and add a drop or two of blue food colouring if I was really that desperate. It would probably do the trick and I’m sure some of you are thinking “Well duh! Why doesn’t she just do that?!”  Well I haven’t because I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of finding them there in the shop fridges and all I had to do when I got them was remove the lid and savour the blue. Nothing wrong with that. It’s even normal! I’ve seen exactly the same reaction in little kids on having their first mouthful of bright red soft drink (whatever flavour that is). It’s a colour thing. Little kids like red.

But I love blue.

In fact, I love it so much that I am appealing to Coke, Pepsi, Sprite and Fanta (assuming I’m right and they did do a blue one too) to please, please, please bring back their Blue lines.  Permanently. They tasted nice and looked so pretty and I swear I will buy them regularly.  Just do the Blue again.


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