Oh, for my own space!

Mean as this may sound, I’ve got to say I am actually looking forward to the last of the brood moving out to make his way in the world and if all goes according to plan he will be off to university next year and I will have the house and the TV and the lounge and the computer all to myself!

Sure it’s nice having him around, most of the time, but there are those other times when he drives me up the wall and it’s those times that I start counting down the months until he’s off.

For starters I will be able to watch whatever I want on TV. I know, this seems like such a small thing but when it comes to missing my favourite Friday night program because he’s determined to watch some B-grade flick that should have been trashed the day it was wrapped up then trust me, It’s A Big Thing! Ditto when I’m elbow deep in some serious endeavour and I have to stop to do dinner. Once he’s moved on to new accommodations I can give the dinner hour a big miss if I choose to. Or have it later. Or just snack my way through the rest of the evening simply because I can!

I can even trot around the house naked if that’s what I really want to do – it’s actually not what I really want to do, but you know what I mean.

It will also mean I can sleep in a bit on the days I don’t have to go to work because I won’t have to get up to make sure he does. I’ll be able to hog the heater on cold nights. Eat ALL the chocolate biscuits. Watch lifestyle shows on the tele and listen to whatever kind of music I like. All right, maybe that last one’s a bit unfair as his choice in music isn’t too bad at all, unlike the shrieking bands and electronic noise that appeals so much to his sister. I was never so glad to see the back end of a sub woofer as I was on the day Daughter took hers with her to her new digs when she was starting university. It was huge and the whole house would shudder to the sound of whatever it was she was playing that she swore blind was real music. Yeah. Right!

But it all worked out well. She’s happy, independent and we all have a wonderful time together when she pops home for a visit and even her music sounds better. Well, sort of. Okay, maybe not…

But anyway… I’m expecting the same result when her brother flies the coop some time around the beginning of next year. I’ll breathe a big sigh of relief, really let loose for a few weeks or so and then settle down, get it all back to normal and genuinely look forward to him popping home for the holidays! It’s just the way it goes, you know?

In the meantime I’m just marking time until I finally have my freedom and the house etc to myself. It’s a heady thought, let me tell you, and I intend to be a total sloth for the first week at least. I’m not worried about that though as I know I’ll get over it and like, who’s going to know anyway? No one, because I’ll have the whole house to myself and by the time one or both of them comes home for their next visit the house etc will be all sorted again, meals will be cooked and I won’t give a hoot about what they want to watch on TV and then they’ll head back to their respective addresses and everyone will be cool!

Hey! I’ll even put my clothes back on! If I go for the naked option, that is. Which I probably won’t.

Definitely, definitely won’t.