Veging out works for me

You know, sometimes I just need to switch off. Ignore the phone, the computer and anything else that’s even vaguely technological and you know what? It’s wonderful!

I think it’s because I work so much. There’s this website, my social networking, my job and it all involves phones and computers and things and while nine times out of 10 I’m raring to go, there are those occasional moments when I think Enough! and switch off from all the electronics and just veg out with a good book or something. It doesn’t strike me too often but when it does, I can be a real sloth and keep it up for at least 48 hours and I just love it!

Sometimes I don’t even need a book. All I need is a mind that can wonder and a really good imagination (got both) and I can totally disengage from all the usual daily clutter and it’s really good for the spirit. It’s invigorating somehow and gets me all good and ready to hit the ground running again but sometimes it is important to step back and do absolutely nothing for a day or so.

The downside is that others think you are slacking off and try to organise you into something constructive and no amount of resistance has any effect on a person who is determined to stimulate you into action. Like, I’m not entitled to at least one slack weekend a month where I can hang out at home in my daggiest of comfy trackies and watch old movies on TV and not lift a finger other than to reach for the next snack? Apparently not! Inevitably someone will turn and decide that seeing as I’m doing nothing, I should get up and do something.

I have tried to explain in the past that I’m having a sloth thingy and will be over it by Monday and could they just please let me get on with it as it’s the first break I’ve had in ages but I’m just wasting my breath. “But Lisa! It’s such a nice day outside! Don’t you want to do something?” Well no. I don’t. It’s why I’m spread out on the couch! I’m having a “do nothing” weekend. Sort of recharging, you know? Having a break from it all with no intention of moving from the couch or whatever and I’ll survive the experience.

I think my problem has been that I would announce “I’m just going to hang out at home and veg this weekend.” This is a really bad idea if that’s what you really have in mind because someone is bound to think that all you need is some motivation. Well I hate to say it but if I’m in veg mode then motivation is the absolutely last thing I need, let alone want, and I just might get physical with motivating types, and not in a good way. Please get out of my face and close the door on your way out!

Look, I know that might sound a little bit stroppy. Oh all right then, a lot stroppy but like I said, I don’t often get a free weekend so when I do, I like to relax and not think about all the things I’m usually thinking about because I’m usually busy with something or other and, well, you know what I mean.

I’m actually planning to sloth out next weekend but please, don’t tell anyone!