Sunshine and me.

I’ve long had a love affair with the sun. I just adore sunshine and the brighter and warmer it is, the better I like it. I have always been this way, which could explain why overcast wintry weather makes me more miserable than anything else I can think of off hand and why a bright, sunny day beyond the windows has the power to drive away even the darkest moods.

Funny thing is, even if it is a cold wintry day, if the sun is shining then so am I! Stands to reason then that I’d never make a good vampire. Even the thought of immortality (save for the unexpected wooden stake that could throw a spanner in the works) falls flat over the fact that I’d probably have to spend it in the dark. Not that I have ever thought of being a vampire or anything, just in case you were wondering…

We are in our last month of winter here (oh joy and bliss!) but I have to say, we have had some bright sunny days here that have even managed to be kind of warm (but only just) for a couple of hours here and there and the effect on me has been wonderful, allowing me to actually function in a fashion that I normally don’t exhibit in cold weather so, you can see what I mean.

So why am I still living in a place that has a winter season? Well it just happened that way but I’ve reached the point where I don’t intend to experience the next winter in the same place. I actually like the seasons so a truly tropical environment may not be what I’m looking for, but show me a place where the summers are long and warm and the winters are blissfully mild and I’ll a show you how fast I can pack up an entire household with lots of pets and move our bods over there!

And that’s what I’m currently doing. Searching madly for that place and I have several options that are all looking particularly attractive to a summer-starved writer who could write so much more if she was not shivering her bits off! I need warmth and sunlight and fingers that are not so stiff with cold that moving them around a keyboard is an activity fraught with embarrassing typos and worse! Worse as in one wrong letter and the whole word turns into something profane. I did that once on a typing test. The word was rucksack and…well…look, we just won’t go back there, okay!

Anyway, one reaches the point where one begins to feel a bit selfish about staying put just to fit in with everyone else’s schedule and I have reached that selfish point. Actually, I reached it a little while ago but managed to suppress it but not anymore. You are looking at a woman on a mission and that mission is to locate that balmy spot, shift everything over there and then subbornly down stakes for the long haul. Once there honey, I ain’t goin’ anywhere!

So there it is. I’ve even started the old pack and de-clutter as a way of alerting the Universe that I am ready to take a big leap to a completely new location and would appreciate any help, esoteric or otherwise, that said Universe would like to toss my way. I haven’t packed the kettle or anything, just stuff that I know I’m not likely to need anytime soon. It’s a kind of mental getting-the-ball-rolling thingy and it usually works.

Right now I’m visualising…and I just can’t wait!