Only two weeks to go!

Yes, that all. Just two more weeks until September which means only two more weeks till spring! Well okay, technically spring doesn’t hit until the equinox on September 21 but if you’re like me you will start kicking your heels up on September 1 because August (last month of winter here) is done and dusted and it’s all good from there on in.

You’ve probably got an inkling by now that I am not into winter. Yes I know I’ve said it all before but I really mean it, I detest cold and generally go into a decline around May and stay there until the back end of August and here I am today, shivering my bits off in the icy weather we are having at the moment but not feeling quite as bad as I would normally because the blasted winter is almost done. Sure, it can still be fairly cold in September too but the fact of the matter is that it is spring, despite what the thermometer might be indicating and that’s good enough for me. It’s spring!

Of course, some parts of the country are already getting a whiff of the warmer weather to come (and I am looking to move myself to one of those very locations) but I can wait a little longer for it to truly hit here and when it does I shall be blowing kisses into the skies, just to say thank you.

Winter is always hard on me because I cannot just curl up into a ball and hibernate. I have work. I have pets and I have to get out and tend to those things whether I like it or not so hibernation is not an option for me but trust me, if all of those things could look out for themselves from June to August, I would remain in my little warm space for three months straight and without a shred of guilt! Unfortunately they don’t so I can’t and that’s it in a nutshell.

Which is why I’m on the hunt for somewhere with kinder temperatures. Such places do exist and I can hear them calling me. Hollering for me actually because for the last week or so here we have had blustery icy winds, snow, biting rain, hail at times, more snow, more blustery winds and all those other cold weather wintry things that I really don’t cope with very well and I am well and truly over it. I want clear skies and warm sunshine and if I can get my bod to somewhere that has this kind of weather pretty much all year round I will be one very happy girl.

But in the meantime I’m stuck here. I’ll deal with it though because as I said, we are almost in September now and that’s spring down in this part of the world and the weather will be balmy until about March next year, by which time I fully plan to be Elsewhere! A warm Elsewhere and I doubt I’ll ever miss the climate I’m stuck in right now. I won’t miss it at all!

Just two more weeks….