Not another New Year’s Eve!!!

Okay, no doubt just about everyone out there is planning some sort of knees-up for December 31.  But are you planning the kind of Do where you will actually remember it in the morning or are you leaning towards the other sort where you could wake up just about anywhere and chances are you won’t have a clue where that is, let alone who all those people are that you must have partied so hard with?

The general assumption is that if you can’t remember a darned thing then you must have had a really good time. Pity it’s all a blank though. Ditto if you wake up so hung over that you just want to crawl into a hole and die as apparently that’s also a fair indication that you had a wow of a night.

Something to ponder though regarding the above. a) If you had such a great time, why is it that you have to feel so totally You Know What the following morning and b) is it really worth the blinding headache, fuzzy vision and the queasy tummy? If you think it’s definitely worth every painful episode you’ll experience upon waking than by all means knock yourself out!

But what is it about New Year that makes so many of us want to get totally leglessly drunk anyway? Sure, it’s definitely a drink-worthy occasion and I can appreciate that, even though I’m a minimal type drinker myself, but do people seriously enjoy taking unscheduled face-dives into floors/pavements/carpets/whatever? Having never ever drunk myself into a state of such oblivion, I find I’m unable to appreciate the attraction of falling flat on my face (or any part of my anatomy) so maybe I’m missing something here. On the other hand, I still have all my teeth.

Which brings us back to what you have in mind to see out 2011 and welcome in 2012 and even more to the point, whether you plan to remember it! I like to go outside with some nibblies, a glass of red and stargaze. It helps that I live in a rural area as there’s no relflected light to spoil the view and because it’s summer here in Australia, it’s very very pleasant to be outside. It’s even better if I can do it with a few close friends but it’s just as good when I spend it with the kids instead as they are old enough now to stay awake and not whinge. It’s just a laid-back kind of night and it’s lovely.

And I can even remember it in the morning!