No sneaky advertising, okay!

I’m not into sneaky advertising, okay! I don’t do it to others so I don’t really appreciate it when others try and do it to me.

I’m talking about comments that come into my website that have a YouTube video attached. I’m also talking about comments that have a link to their website appearing in their comment. Sure, many people will jump on the opportunity to get something for free, even free advertising, but my site is not the place to try and do it so please, don’t take it for granted that I will comply and post any comment, complete with link and/or advertising video, and seeing as I actually read every comment that comes in and reply to many of them, I am not likely to miss that attachment or link.

I don’t post them, okay! I delete unsolicited stuff like that because I think it is in bad taste when people assume they can get a free ride on someone’s website.

You know, I sometimes comment on other sites myself, especially if I like the site and it’s content but I would never a) put a link in my comment that leads directly to my site b) attach a YouTube video of any discription or c) say something nice about their site and then launch into a spiel about my own business! I mean, it’s bad manners right? It would be a bit like me running around placing advertising boards on people’s fences or ad stickers on their cars! It’s presumptious for a start, in really bad taste and let’s face it, it’s just not something that you do.

As far as advertising goes, should someone wish to advertise their business etc on my website then the courteous thing for them to do is to contact me, give some details about their business or site and then ask if I would like list their ad. If I felt the ad was relevent I would thank them for their interest, advise them of the fee and we could all take it from there. That’s how I would approach it if I wished to advertise my business on their site. It’s what any legitimate business person would do! So, what’s with all the unsolicited links and videos? Well, maybe I can understand some of them I suppose because their product/service could have limited options when it comes to placing an ad on another website.

As an editorial business I suspect the most likely advertisers to approach me would be those in fields like stationery, publishing, the art industry and related writing/editorial type industries. I would also like to mention that I would be open to businesses catering to fields I’m interested in like crystals, animal welfare, alternative lifestyle info, heirloom (pre hybrid) food, bookstores and academic sites. I haven’t been approached by anyone in these fields as yet but if they did, I would be interested. However, as an editorial site, I would be unlikely to make space to advertise any life coaching things in any way, shape or form, sex videos, sex toys or penis enhancement products, self help gurus, naked Russian girls who want to contact western men or chicken coops of any description (as much as I like chickens) because I just don’t think they would be relevent. They wouldn’t mesh, if you know what I mean.

So I guess that’s why I get comments from people in those industries with videos/links to their site attached. Why I delete them then is probably self explanatory. But to be honest, even if it appears to be fairly ordinary I do not give free plugs to those who have tried to slip one in under the radar.

If you like my site that much and believe it is popular enough to warrant an advertisement for your business, why not contact me first and ask me about it? Otherwise, it’s just not going to happen.