Is time speeding up?

Has anyone else noticed this? Could be it’s just me but I could swear the weeks are flying by faster than usual. Like, one day it’s Monday and then before I can get my head round the start of a new working week, it’s Friday afternoon and for the life of me I don’t know where the days are going! I initially put it down to the fact that I’m fairly busy through the week but I don’t think that’s it, time is just speeding up I reckon.

Not being a scientist, I can’t come up with a logical explanation but there are others out there who feel as I do so it must be happening! Esoterical types may have an explanation and some astrologers have also touched on the time thing too but so far I’ve yet to hear a really down to earth reason as to why time as we know it has gone into hyperdrive! Someone knows though.

Well anyway, we all know that time does tend to be a relevant thing. How many times have you been sweating on something to which you are really looking forward, to actually arrive? How slow is a wet week? But on the other hand, when you are running late or on a mega tight deadline the hands on the clock spin at an alarming rate! What’s happening now though seems to have nothing to do with longed-for events or deadlines (unless you have a fixation on December 21. I don’t.) it just appears that time itself is on Prozac or something and I’m dizzy with the speed with which this year seems to be hurtling towards its end. I’m not sure that I even like it!

Okay, I will admit that I do like it during these winter months. Here we are almost half way through July and it seems like only a week ago it was early June but not being a particular fan of icy weather I am happy for time to up the speed a bit right now. Even a lot. But when September comes around I would definitely prefer it to hit the anchors and take a breather on the speeding-up thingy through spring and summer. I have no aversion whatsoever to a go-slow through the warmer months. In fact, I’m putting in a request to the Universe this very minute!

But perhaps 21 December 2012 is significant here afterall! Aren’t we entering the Age of Aquarius as of that date or there abouts? I so, we will be entering a golden age by all accounts and perhaps Mother Earth can’t wait, hence the time race (or whatever it is). Let’s face it, the last 2000 odd years have not exactly been a walk in the park and perhaps our planet is as over it as the rest of us are. Maybe the rush is a good thing afterall?

From 2013 though, will time go back to normal? That’s assuming it’s running away with itself right now but as I mentioned earlier, I really think it is. If not, then my internal clock must have a glitch. Oh well, if that’s all it is I can probably fix that.

But not until September. Roll on spring and summer! Pleeeeeze!