If the world doesn’t end this year…

There’s a few things I think I’d  like to put in motion for the future and, assuming the world doesn’t end this year, they just might play out well over the next 12 months and hopefully, into the years that follow. That’s the game plan anyway.

For starters, having recently completed one book, a novella that’s currently under perusal with a publisher (fingers crossed!) I wouldn’t mind starting another and going for novel length this time and while one side of me is squealing “OMG Lisa! What are you thinking…!!!” there’s the other side that’s urging me to go for it and tossing ideas at me left, right and centre. Sure, writing a book is a challenge but if you hit the right formula and write a good one…

But anyway, that’s just one of the things simmering away there. Another is a move to a quiet coastal area with a more moderate climate and a pretty view. Right now a second book is looking a lot more likely than a move to the coast but where there’s life there’s hope which inevitable leads to where there’s a will there’s a way! I know I could definitely write a great book in a setting like that but if I’m going to be honest here I should add that I could write it just as well where I am so I have no valid excuse whatsoever for not getting stuck into it. (Sigh)

Manuscripts and house moves aside though, I am also on a feverish search for a hair straightening product that doesn’t require heat treatment via hairdryers and straighteners to “activate” it’s properties in order for it to actually do the job. Current treatments are pricey and don’t do the deed without the heat! Thing is, the heating gadgets will do it without the product which is raising a lot of question marks with me. All the same, I just know that such a find would definitely make 2012 and beyond just dandy for me, assuming the planet doesn’t go south on December 21, so I’m on the hunt.

But seriously, I would willingly tramp barefoot across a huge stadium liberally scattered with Lego for a nice, time-saving wash-and-wear straightening product so if anyone out there actually knows of one please, pleeeeeeeeeze tell me what it is!

I’m also planning a more practical layout for my home office, a general de-clutter (less to move if that coastal thing comes good) and to generate my own good luck. Sounds like a good life-plan to me!

Unless the planet goes kaput in December. I’ll be really peed off then!