Easter Eggs Rule!

You know, I’m not sure why this is but whereas I could never manage to eat an entire block of chocolate on my own and have never had any real desire to do so anyway, I can happily scoff Easter Eggs until the cows come home (and may they take their own sweet time doing that).

Maybe it’s the shape or possibly because the chocolate is so thin but whatever it is, I have never outgrown my passion for them and you know what? I offer no excuse whatsoever for the mega indulgence but hey, I only do it once a year! But it’s just the eggs; the chocolate bunnies and chickens have no appeal for me at all.

But apparently I’m not alone in the Easter Egg passion thingy which also makes me feel a whole lot better about it. Like, I have a friend who stocks up on Easter Eggs for several weeks leading up to the event and then totally pigs out daily for the next fortnight, starting from Easter Sunday. Another has the “family” eggs and then she has her hidden stash which she visits when the kids are away on a sleepover or something and when her hubby works late and, like me, she doesn’t feel a shred of guilt.

Sure, I know this is only February and Easter is not until April so it’s a tad early to be rabbiting on about chocolate eggs but I can’t help myself. A lot of the shops here began stocking them in January (which is just ridiculous really) and it’s taken some amazing willpower on my part NOT to grab some on my way to the fruit and vegies isle and I suppose you’re wondering why, seeing as I’ve just admitted to being totally addicted to them but the thing is I’m a bit of a traditionalist and would rather wait until about a week before the Big Day…and then pounce. It’s more fun that way.

Besides, I love the anticipation but if I gave into it now I’d be all anticipated out by April which could spoil the moment and I refuse to let me do that to myself

It’s just one of those things and I flatly refuse to give it up. My friend with the secret stash also refuses to give it up and my stockpiling friend figures he may as well throw in his lot with us and egg shop till he drops… again. The only hassle now is that we have to wait until April this year! But hey, I Am Woman! I can do this!

I think…..