Christmas again??!

I don’t know,  seems like Christmas 2010 was like,  just a month ago and yet here we are again in 2011! To be honest I haven’t even thought about it and then realised it’s about a week away and I haven’t even sent out a card. But hey, I have been busy with a lot of things at once so…

As a result I have nothing planned but maybe that’s not such a bad thing and I have also decided that I’m not going to run myself ragged trying to prepare for it because I just don’t see the point. To be honest I abhor the rabid commercialism that seems to get worse every year and am totally over the whining that I get lumbered with from a couple of aquaintances over gifts someone has given them. Whatever happened to “it’s the thought that counts”?

The good thing about Christmas now that I’m an adult is that I can choose who I spend it with. With my kids naturally and we have a really good time together but I can avoid those I’d rather…well…avoid! I know, that sounds terrible but who ever said that one must spend Christmas Day hanging with people  that one doesn’t really like? I don’t see the point in spending a day, or even part of a day with people I have nothing in common with and am grateful that these days I don’t have to. That’s the beauty of moving to a completely different and distant area. A lot of  the people I used to know have no idea where I am now. It wasn’t something I did deliberately, it just turned out that way and we all lost touch a long, long time ago. The upside of losing touch though is that surprise visitors are very, very rare and to be honest I tend to see this as a good thing as I can’t get caught in my daggy trackies and bad hair by the sudden appearance of someone on the doorstep who will pass it around to everyone else “Oh my god, Lisa looked a total mess!”

In my own defence, I don’t generally look a total mess but do have the occasional day when I just want to veg out and Christmas Day tends to be one of them. We eat casual and there’s no structure or rush or any other organisation and it’s just great! I love it! We can just relax and be ourselves and not have to try to please everyone at once. It’s definitely the way to spend the day. Doing absolutely nothing.

Just so long as there’s lots of chocolate.