Change is good!

Tomorrow is the First of September and down on this side of the planet that means spring! Thank goodness for that because I had totally lost my mojo over winter but I can feel all my energy coming back and with it, a whole new wave of creativity.

The main thing on my list is my Sandpiper Editorial business logo. I actually like the one I have but I designed it a number of years ago and now think I could do with an upgrade. The good news is that I already have my new design worked out and the even better news is that Daughter is a real wiz-kid when it comes to Photoshop and from our combined efforts will emerge an awesome logo.

I think it’s all part of the re-energizing thingy. Over the last few days I have been fairly hopping as the change of seasons approaches and have done such hyper things as rearrange the lounge room (again!), sort through my wardrobe, and am currently looking at re-organising my home office and a whole lot of other ideas that would have had me cringing under the bedclothes just a few weeks back, but that’s all changed now. Spring is in the air and I’m on a mission to shake off all my winter angst with the mother of all spring cleans!

And that’s where the new logo idea came from. I mean, if I am going to rearrange the house, the garden and whatever ever else is not nailed down then I should stretch it to coming up with a new logo design for my business and give everything a bright new start!

Logos are so important. They are the essence of your business, which is the essence of you! Especially if you are a one-woman-band like I am. But they need to be designed with care because you want to create something which is instantly recognizeable. The colours are important. The design is important and that’s where some people get lost I think. If it’s too fussy, it won’t work. Ditto if it’s too bland. The colours have to work because if they don’t, the logo doesn’t really work either. Fortunately, I know colours well and am a fairly good artist so…

I have seen some dreadful logos though and can’t for the life of me understand why the businesses that have them are still using them. But I have also seen some amazingly good ones and take my hat off to their designers. Some of best I have seen are for Jemalong Wool, Gumtree, and the Devondale dairy group. Clever, good looking, and very recogniseable. I also like the Apple logo. Again, it’s simple and it works and with all of these fine examples in mind, I designed my original logo and now, with all these fine examples still in mind I have designed my upgrade and I’m really pleased with the result. So much so that I think it is even nicer than the first one and a little more upbeat. I like it.

I just have to put it all together now and as soon as I have, I will upload it to my website ( and I’m really looking forward to it! I might even invest in a couple of nice-looking shirts with my new logo! New business cards, new other stuff….

But hey, here’s to change. It’s all good!