A little place beside the sea

That’s what I want. A nice little place beside the sea where the sun is shining and the seasons are a lot more moderate than where I’m living right now. So why don’t I just up and move, right? Good question, and one I have often asked myself over the last few years and while I would just love to pack up the pets and all my wordly goods and just hit the road on my way to coastal bliss, I have to accept the fact that right now it’s not a practical move.

Doesn’t stop me from daydreaming though and checking out the coastal real estate from time to time. I know the type of house I’m after and I know roughly the areas I’m interested in and now that we are just coming into winter here I am pining for warmer climes and wishing I was already there. But at the moment it is more practical if I stay put so here I am, wrapped up in layers and cursing the icy temperatures and praying for the break that will let me move. I do it every winter so you would think something would have heard my prayers by now but, so far no good.

I just don’t do winter very well. I am not a cold weather person and have no driving passion for snowsports. Okay, I will admit if it snowed here tomorrow I would probably go outside and play in it, but I wouldn’t stay out there for too long because the cold would start to get to me and that would be that. That’s what the cold weather does to me. It seeps in no matter how rugged up I am and so I shiver miserably from June to September and I so dislike it!

As a summer-loving person, I know I could be deliriously happy in a little coastal village with the sea practically at my door. I would be wonderfully warm from spring to autumn and come winter, well, I’d hardly notice it and that would suit me down to the ground.

Right now I live inland in a small rural village and while it is a nice place, it has typically rural Australian weather which means way too hot in the summer and way too cold in the winter and as I have lived inland for a number of years now, I really think I’m over it. Actually I know I’m over it and I want out. I want warmth and sunshine and a moderate climate because after this one, I really don’t want to do another inland winter or pant through another inland summer.

Perhaps I should put a plan in place. You know…pick area; find house; move. It looks pretty easy when I write it down and I have heard all the stuff about creating my own reality, but I have been picturing me in “my house” for at least three years now but I don’t seem to be any closer to it so either I’m not “picturing” hard enough or not truly “believing”. Look, believe me, I am “believing” as hard as I can here! So maybe it’s the praying part. Whatever, I am now at the beginning of winter here and wishing I was somewhere else. Maybe I need to do something a little more concrete instead of relying soley on the mental stuff. Like choose an area, pack everything up and hit the highway and the more I think about that, the more I kind of like the idea. I could even work from home when it’s all said and done, so what am I waiting for???

Just give me a beach and I’ll be happy.