Some things are actually better than chocolate!

The subject just happened to be snack foods. You know, the packet-to-mouth stuff that so many of us reach for when reading, watching TV or working away at something and it would seem that just about everyone I know has a particular favourite that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy if they know that have a store in the cupboard.

One of the most popular is chocolate in it’s various forms and I can go with that, having a couple of favourites in that range myself but when it really comes down to it, I have to be in the mood for chocolate or it looses its appeal. Except if it’s in the form of Easter Eggs. For some reason I can happily chomp my way through a pile of these and love it in a way I could not do with a chocolate bar. I’d offer a possible explanation for that except I don’t have one. Anyway…

Corn chips ( the plain original ones, not the cheese-drowned or other flavours) are my weakness and if I know I have a couple of packs stashed away then I’m a happy woman. It’s the same with pretzels. In the absence of corn chips I can cope with pretzels just as well and while some of my friends view them as a poor substitute for chocolate, I have to say that when ensconced with a good book or favourite TV show I’d much rather crunch my way through them than a bloc of choc.

In defence of chocolate snacks however, I have to admit that Peanut M&Ms run a very close second to corn chips and pretzels. I did admit it actually, during the snack food debate, and it did have a mollifying effect on my choc-snacking friends and lead them to agree that I may be a normal female after all. Well of course I’m normal! I drink frothy coffee don’t I? I also love shoes, avoid blokey sports on TV like the plague, have bad hair days and Facebook! Like, hello!

But snack foods are a funny thing. Sure guys will snack on stuff occasionally but on the whole it’s us girls who tend to reach for them more often which could explain why the snack food industry tends to be more female focused (that’s how it looks to me anyway) and also seems to be very canny about what women want when it comes to nibbly things. I’m just relieved they came up with corn chips and pretzels.

The subject took a brief detour to Hottest Guy on the Planet and we all agreed it had to be Johnny Depp and then someone spoiled it by asking if anyone had tried some new chocolatey thing that’s hit the market. Turns out they all have and immediately rated it to die for. I’ve tried it too but would die before I ever ate it again. Yuck!

To each her own I suppose.